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The best Japanese skincare product

There’s one Japanese skincare series I have used for years and would never consider changing to another series. This series is Gokujun by a brand called Hadalabo.

Hadalabo is one of Japan’s best selling cosmetics brands. It stands for the philosophy of simplicity and strive to create products with no unnecessary additives, colors, fragrance or mineral oils. Here in Japan, Hadalabo’s skincare products are known for their gentleness and the incredible amount of moisture that makes your skin mochimochi – so soft it’s bouncy.


Hadalabo moisturizer and toner
I have been using these two, Hyaluronic Lotion and Hyaluronic Milky Lotion continuously for more than 5 years already. I seriously feel like I couldn’t live without them anymore – my skin cries after just a one night spent at a hotel without these two! They moisten my skin better than any lotions I have ever tried. I actually think I understand what the word mochimochi means now as my skin has smoothened incredibly much (I won’t admit that I actually made fun of that word it at the beginning).

Hadalabo skin care series

As you might notice in the picture on the right, neither of these is completely runny. Even the Hyaluronic Lotion (in the left) is not as runny as many lotions are so you don’t need a cotton pad for spreading it. Actually the officially recommended way of applying these two is pouring them on your fingers and then softly patting them on your skin. I apply these in that way too – it really saves cotton pads! After washing my face, I first pat in the Hyaluronic lotion (blue bottle) and after that, spread and pat the milky lotion in my skin.

Hadalabo skin care 詰め替え

One thing I also really love about this series is that they sell refills so you don’t have to buy a new bottle every time. I’m not exactly sure how ecological these refill packages are either but I’m pretty sure it’s better to use them than to always buy new bottles.

And yes, I really have 8 refill packages in my closet waiting for use. Both of these lotions last for a really long time but I just love this series so much that I must have a few extras in my closet, just in case the series would suddenly disappear or something. I doubt that will happen though as this has been one of the best selling skincare products in Japan for years.

By the way, these refills are called tsumekae in Japanese so if you are looking for them in Japan, look for the kanjis 詰め替え用. Or maybe you can just look at the picture above? 🙂
I searched for a while but it appears you can buy these on Amazon! Refer to the links below if you are interested.


Do you have any skincare products you love so much you would never even consider changing to another one? I would also love to know if there’s anyone else here who loves Hadalabo as much as I do!

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