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5 amazing Japanese foods

Japanese food is delicious. Absolutely delicious. Actually, I would definitely travel to Japan just for the sole reason of eating Japanese food and I’m positive you will be thinking the same after reading this post.

1. Sushi

Who doesn't love sushi?


A bit expensive sushi but so delicious!

Sushi is just not the same when eaten overseas. Fish is not as fresh, rice is not as good – there just isn’t that perfect harmony you get to enjoy if you eat sushi in Japan, in a good sushi restaurant.

2. Tendon

And no, I’m not talking about achilles tendon here.

天丼 (tendon), rice bowl with anything fried and delicious!

What I mean by “tendon” here is a bowl full of hot rice, covered with crispy, just-fried vegetables and seafood. Heavenly delicious experience is ensured by adding slightly sweet sauce on top of everything as a finishing touch.

3. Udon

Extremely delicious mentaiko udon and tempura

Thick wheat noodles that go with anything – both in a soup and with crispy tempura or a runny onsen tamago, which can be translated as “hot spring egg”.

4. Soba

ざるそば (zarusoba), soba noodles
Soba noodles

I know, I know. Noodles two times a row is not good, especially when noodles aren’t exactly what you would call a healthy dish. However, soba is actually famous as a healthy food. It’s made of buckwheat and is very high in fiber.

5. Motsunabe

Delicious motsunabe, hot pot

Motsunabe is probably the least known of the dishes introduced in this post. It’s a hot pot made with offal and different vegetables (and sometimes tofu). Offal used for motsunabe has a very high amount of fat, and for people like me, this is what makes it absolutely delicious. In some restaurants, you are able to choose the base of the soup. I recommend miso over anything else but there are also other options like soy sauce.

This is in no way a conclusive list but I really suggest you to try at least these 5 if you ever decide to visit Japan. To those who have already been to Japan or possibly live there, if your favorite didn’t make it to the list, comment and tell me what I missed!



  1. I like 鯛焼き and わらび餅, I think they’re also belonging to Japanese food (sweets) 🙂

  2. Hi Mido and thank you very much for your comment!
    I love warabimochi and taiyaki too. Taiyaki with mochi inside is especially delicious ♥
    Now I feel like writing a post about Japanese sweets too… So thanks for the idea! :’)

  3. Yes, you definitely should, haha. :’D The food here is really amazing!

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