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Eggs ‘n Things, Hawaiian Breakfast Restaurant in Japan

Today I’m going to introduce you to a restaurant I lined up for 2 hours when I first visited it. This restaurant is a chain called Eggs ‘n Things and since my first visit, it has become one of my favorite restaurants. Even though I have only visited this chain’s restaurants in Japan, it’s originally from Hawaii. However, since its opening in Harajuku on 2010, Eggs ‘n Things has been extremely popular especially among the younger generation of Japanese.

The concept of this restaurant is “All day breakfast” and the menu has everything from omelets to egg benedict, and from crepes to waffles. I have never been to Hawaii but it feels like they have pretty much anything you think of when you think about breakfast in Hawaii. However, what the most people visiting Eggs ‘n Things in Japan have mind is none of the things listed above.


It’s the pancakes.

Macadamia strawberry pancakes at Eggs 'n Things

Eggs ‘n Things serves pancakes topped with enormous amount of whipped cream. You can apparently double the cream if you want but there’s already a 20cm high, big pile of cream on default which is rather hard to finish even if you share the dish so I would think twice before placing an order with double cream – and I really love whipped cream.

The dish above has strawberries and macadamia nuts on top of it but you can also choose fruits like banana or papaya instead of strawberries. It doesn’t really matter what you choose though – the cream will probably overpower it all anyway.

Menu of Odaiba's Eggs 'n Things in 2015
Japan really loves limited edition dishes – so does Eggs ‘n Things. These Hanohano pancakes were served a few years ago when the store celebrated its 5 year anniversary in Japan.

When the Harajuku store opened in 2010, the place soon became a number one place for pancakes, resulting into a constant line in front of the store. If you went on a weekend, waiting for hours before getting in was not only normal but expected. Even on a weekday it was rare to get in without lining up for a while. Nowadays the popularity of Eggs ‘n Things has faded a little but the Hawaiian atmosphere and the delicious pancakes still attract many Japanese and it’s rare to get in without lining up.

I totally understand why so many Japanese are attracted to this place. Not only is the food delicious, entering to this Hawaiian style restaurant is a very nice experience. The staff members – who are called ohana – are all cheerful and all smile, greeting you with a Hawaiian greeting. I went to Odaiba’s store a few days ago and one particularly cheerful male staff member was so cheerful that he almost stumbled on another staff member around three times – and I doubt this happened only when me and my friend were in the restaurant. I hope he didn’t get scolded afterwards as he was extremely kind and nice, glowing with Hawaiian atmosphere even though the country we were certainly wasn’t Hawaii. He even offered to take a photo of us later which was very nice.

Interior of Odaiba's Eggs 'n Things
Odaiba’s Eggs ‘n Things is very spacious and bright place with a relaxed atmosphere.

What I like about this restaurant is that all dishes are meant to be shared. There’s always small plates on the table and you will also be asked whether you want all dishes to arrive at once or only one at time. This is nice when you want to eat omelette or egg benedict at first and then move on to pancakes.

Pancakes and Egg benedict at Odaiba's Eggs 'n Things 2017
Incredibly delicious egg benedict and limited edition strawberry cheese pancakes. You could get 30% off if you had 7 in your name or birthday!
Menu of Eggs 'n Things Odaiba
In this picture you can see the Japanese menu but they have one in English as well.

For pancakes, there are 3 sauces on the table you can freely use: maple syrup, coconut and guava sauce. All of them are delicious but my personal recommendation would be to mix coconut and maple syrup, and then eat it all with the whipped cream. Delicious!

Sakura theme drinks at Eggs 'n Things
Limited edition sakura drinks were delicious as well! Smoothie tasted more like banana than cherry blossom though but I guess that’s just my tastebuds.

Where can you find this restaurant then? Eggs ‘n Things can be found in many places in Japan. I have only been to the stores of Odaiba (Tokyo), Yokohama’s Yamashita Park and Harajuku but the restaurant can also be found in Ginza and other cities like Osaka, Nagoya, Chiba, Kyoto and Kobe for example. Check the official site of Eggs ‘n Things for more details if you are interested!


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